To Wait or Not to Wait?

After a somewhat frustrating ordeal I was able to submit v1.05 of iDiscGolf to Apple's App Store this past weekend.  Unless the iPhone Gods (aka: Apple's iOS App Reviewers) strike it down it should be available for download before the weekend!  That my friends is the good news. The bad news is, I made a similar post on Facebook about two weeks ago, which obviously didn't happen. So why the wait?

After reading some not so stellar reviews from users of previous versions I had to revise my road map for …

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iDiscGolf v1.01 Has Arrived!

It has taken longer than expected and undergone quite a few overhauls throughout the process while learning the ropes of iOS development, but iDiscGolf is now available! Before I talk too much about the application I want to take a moment to thank my amazing wife, Anne, in addition to my family and friends for all of their support. I also want to extend a special thanks to Nate and John of FortySeven Media for their …

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Underdog Solutions 2.0 FTW!

First of all, welcome to the new and improved Underdog Solutions website! My design dream has finally come true thanks to the DesignHope contest and the guys at FortySeven Media!. Thank you very much Jonathan and Nate for all the hard work you guys put into this! This truly was a blessing and great overall experience!

Now, seeing as how I decided to scrap all previously existing posts in lieu of this much needed facelift, I will summarize where Underdog Solutions came from, what it's been up to and …

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